GMP Internet Training Course

Please read the information on this page that describes what is covered in this course, the intended audience, and how the course works before you register.

Purpose of the Course: This GMP Internet course is designed to review the requirements of Part 110 – Current Good Manufacturing Practices in the Manufacturing, Packing, or Holding of Human Food - in Title 21 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations. This regulation specifically applies to all food products regulated by FDA. It outlines the basic sanitary controls that are required for all food processing plants, wholesale or distribution firms, and warehouses or food storage facilities that handle, store or process FDA regulated food. This GMP regulation also provides a framework for the specific state regulations that may apply to these firms, and for the specific regulations for animal foods like meat and poultry products that are regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The course provides the text of each section of this regulation along with an explanation of its intent, examples and strategies for compliance with these requirements, and resources for additional information.

Intended Audience: This course was designed for supervisors, middle level managers, quality control personnel and anyone else who has responsibilities for ensuring that a food processing, wholesale and warehouse operation meets current GMP requirements.

How the Course Works: The course consists of the 12 different Modules shown in the course Site Map on the previous page. Students must first register and pay the course fee of $50 by choosing one of the two registration options described on the next page. After registering, each student will receive an Email from that will provide a unique Username and Password and instructions on how to access the course materials using an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, or Mozilla. Students must Login to the course with their Username and Password to see the course materials. At the end of each Module, you will be required to submit answers to a series of questions before going on to the next Module. Each student’s responses will be automatically tracked and recorded by our system. Students will have 6 months from the date that they register to complete the entire Internet course. All communications related to this course will be by Email, and each student must have a working Email address to participate.

Course Options: Several options are available for reviewing the GMP course materials. After Logging in, you will be taken to a course Site Map which connects you to the English language version of each course Module. A link to an identical Spanish language version of the course, which is available to all users, is also provided. Course Modules are best viewed “live” online because all interactive features can be used. Another option allows you to download a PDF file of each Module, which can then be viewed offline or printed. The English version of the course also has an audio option that can be used to hear the content of each page via your computer.

certificateCourse Completion Certificate: When the answers to the questions for all 12 Modules have been submitted, the student will receive a Cornell Cooperative Extension “Certificate of Course Completion” by Email that can be used to demonstrate that they have completed this GMP Internet training course. This certificate will be issued to the individual person who registered for the course, and will contain the name of the company or organization they are affiliated with and the date of completion. An example of the certificate that you will receive is shown here.